What is the Couch 2 5k Program?

The AHF Couch to 5k program (C25k) is a safe and structured running 12 week plan developed by experts in the field of running that brings together men, women and even children of all ages, experience and fitness levels to provide the training, encouragement and camaraderie on a life enhancing journey that culminates at the finish line of the American Home Fitness 5k race on October 20th, 2013.

What is My Commitment

Beginning in mid July, the C25K participants meet twice a week for group runs at a convenient predetermined location (usually a local metro park) and time. While we all lead busy lives and no one can be expected to be at every group run, we encourage regular attendance as it leads to quicker and more measurable improvements in fitness and consequently a more likely chance that you will enjoy your time with us even more. Our successful participants typically have a strong attendance rate for these runs. Furthermore, regular attendance at the group runs also helps to form friendships that carry on well past the finish line and into your everyday lives.

What If I’ve Never Run a Race Before?

This program is well suited for you! In addition to the scheduled training runs, our athletes will receive expert instruction from professionals from New Balance, the Detroit Medical Centers and American Home Fitness staff each week, covering topics ranging from shoe selection, running form, nutrition and general fitness. Many of last year’s participants began the program with no experience but, with coaching, determination and encouragement from their new running buddies, they were crossing the finish line last October 21st!

What do you get when you sign up for the Couch 2 5k program?

With your registration fee of $49, you get some great gifts to help you train with us this summer:

  • A sleek new Couch 2 5k shirt
  • A Couch 2 5k water bottle (that you’ll probably use throughout your training)
  • A Wonderful Workout Towel (again that you’ll be using throughout your training)

Those are the tangible benefits that our athletes will receive. But the true value of the program is found in the structured program that will give you guidance to get ready to run the 5k, the training provided by experts like Good Form Running guru’s from New Balance and weekly teachings from the Sports Performance experts from Detroit Medical Centers, weekly communications to keep you motivated and a place to gather a couple of times a week to get your runs in.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the chance to form friendships with other athletes that will provide benefits and enjoyment throughout the training program and, as we found out last year, even past the American Home Fitness 5k and throughout the year following.